646-7 Signs Continued

646-7.11 Recognition Emblems of National Quality Organizations

Section 646-7.11 Recognition Emblems of National Quality Organizations. A recognition emblem of a national quality organization constitutes an advertising sign and is included in the computation of the area and number of signs.

646-7.12 Criteria for Action in Approving of Denying Applications

Section 646-7.12 Criteria for Action in Approving of Denying Applications. In approving, conditionally approving, or denying any application for a sign permit, the Commission shall apply all of the following criteria as the basis for its actions:

(a) whether it is necessary for the applicant's enjoyment of substantial trade and property rights;

(b) whether it is consistent with the intents and purposes as set forth in Section 646-7.1 of this Subpart;

(c) whether it constitutes a detriment to public safety and welfare;

(d) the size, shape, color and placement of the sign shall be considered to determine if the sign is compatible with and bears a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environs; and

(e) the location and design of the proposed sign shall be considered to determine if the sign will obscure from view or unduly detract from existing adjacent signs.

646-7.13 Structural Safety and Maintenance of Permitted Signs

Section 646-7.13 Structural Safety and Maintenance of Permitted Signs. All parts, portions, units, and materials composing the sign, together with the frame, background, supports or anchorage, therefore, shall be maintained in proper repair and state of preservation. The surface of all signs shall be kept neatly painted.

646-7.14 Approval, Review and Revocation of Permits

Section 646-7.14 Approval, Review and Revocation of Permits.

(a) Permits for signs within the Park shall be signed by the Executive Director of the Commission.

(b) All permitted signs shall be erected and maintained in accordance with the representations contained in the application and with the provisions of the permit.

(c) All permits issued or deemed to be issued shall be subject to review and shall be revocable for cause at any time.

646-7.15 General Provisions

Section 646-7.15 General Provisions.

(a) The Commission may require the applicant to furnish any further statements or information which it deems necessary for proper consideration of an application.

(b) Permits are issued by the Commission only to indicate compliance with ECL, Article 43 and do not imply compliance with any other provision of law.

(c) Any action of the Commission by which an application for a permit hereunder is denied, is reviewable pursuant to the provisions of Article 78 of the CPLR.


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