Boat Registrations

What must be registered?

Any vessel mechanically propelled by a motor 10 h.p. or greater, must register with the Lake George Park Commission and display a Registration Decal.

Boats may be registered annually or for one day or week.

Temporary Boat Registrations

A one day registration may be purchased for $12.00 regardless of the type or size of boat. One Day Registrations expire midnight of the effective date. (Date Punched on Registration Decal)

A week registration may be purchased for $20.00 regardless of the type or size of boat. One week registration expires midnight, seven days following effective date. (Date Punched on Registration Decal)

Persons berthing, using or operating a vessel on Lake George for 21 consecutive days or more must annually register the vessel. Any temporary registration fees paid that year may be applied toward the annual registration fee. Conversion from temporary to annual registrations must be done in person or by mail at the Commission offices. 

Calculating Your Annual Boat Fee

First determine whether the boat to be registered is "equipped for overnight accommodations".  Boats equipped for overnight have:  a bed or bunk and sanitary facilities. Boats may be equipped for overnight whether or not used for overnight stays.

Next, determine the boat length.  Boat length is the distance overall from the foremost part of the bow to the after most part of the stern excluding bow pulpits, swim decks, engines, props, brackets, etc. You may obtain the length of your vessel from your State Registration.

Fee schedules require rounding upward to the next highest full foot for boats longer than 25 feet.  Read across to find the category (equipped or not equipped).  Read down to find the fee for the boat length.


Length Equipped for Overnight Not Equipped for Overnight
Less than 21' $40 $40
21' to 25' $50 $50
26' $80 $57.50
27' $110 $65.00
28' $140 $72.50
Over 28' $50 + $30 for each foot over 25' $50 + $7.50 for each foot over 25'








Under Penalty of Law, Boat Registrations must conform to the actual boat length and equipment.

All fees are deposited into the Lake George Park Trust Fund, a special fund in the custody of the State Comptroller. Money from the trust fund can only be used for programs to preserve the resources of the Lake and the safety of its users. 



Register Your Boat

Boats may be registered by mail or in person at the Commission office. If registering by mail, please call or write for a registration form or download one from here. You can also register your boat online until October.