F.O.I.L. Freedom Of Information Law Requests

The Lake George Park Commission is a New York State agency and as such its records (except those explicitly exempted) are subject to access by the public. A request must be made in writing either on a provided form, email or in a letter to the Commission. According to the law, this request must "reasonably describe" the record in which you are interested. The Commission has many, many records, so to better serve you and to help us locate the correct record please be as accurate as possible when describing the records. Current owners names are good, tax map parcel numbers, permit numbers and dates are better. The Commission will act upon a FOIL request as soon as possible and we must, by law, make the record available, deny access in writing giving the reasons for denial, or furnish a written acknowledgment of receipt of the request and a statement of the approximate date when the request will be granted or denied. Copies of the records will be provided if requested at a rate of 25¢ a page up to 9 by 14 inches. The first seven copies of each request are provided free of charge. There is a charge for copies of tapes, disks and other media. If a request for access is denied an appeal procedure is available. Please contact the Commission at [email protected] for details or to submit a request for records.

For addition information on the Freedom of Information Requests go to the Committee on Open Government's website.