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Marine Patrol

Since 1962, the Commission's Marine Patrol has assisted tens of thousands of boaters, campers and hikers on Lake George.
Marine Patrol Mission

The Patrol is an integral part of the Commission's overall efforts to promote recreational quality and safety through planning, public education and special regulations on boating and water-based recreation.

The mission of the Commission’s Marine Patrol is to improve public safety, recreational quality and environmental protection through emergency response, boater assistance, public education and effective law enforcement.  The patrol provides a wide array of services to the boating public such as: search and rescue; first-aid; vessel and forest fire fighting; public education; emergency towing and courtesy gas service; and enforcement of State, Commission and local boating regulations.

The patrol consists of eight patrol boats staffed by eight uniformed patrol officers and two sergeants.  The patrol operates seasonally from the middle of May to Columbus Day.  Full patrol operations occur from early July through Labor Day with a maximum of eight patrol units on duty, day and night. 

The patrol is dispatched through the Warren County Sheriff Office headquarters (518-743-2500) or 911 in an emergency.  The patrol coordinates with Warren County Sheriff Patrols on the lake as well as other law enforcement agencies.

Contact the Patrol

Contact the Marine Patrol at marine Channel 16 on the VHF, or contact the Commission during normal business hours at 518-668-9347.

Marine Patrol Annual Report
Boating on Lake George is an activity enjoyed by thousands. To protect this valuable resource, registration fees are collected and placed into a fund that can only be used for the betterment of the lake and the safety of its users.