LGPC Public Database Mapping Tool

LGPC Public Database Mapping Tool

Mapping Tool Overview

The LGPC Public Map is an interactive web application for viewing public Permits and Program information across the Lake George Park. The map is easy to use and available to anyone with a web browser on their phone or computer. Search an address or zoom in to find:

  • Dock & Mooring Plans for Download
  • Marinas Services
  • Permitted Tour Boats
  • Septic System Inspection Year
  • Invasive Species Inspection / Decontamination Stations
  • Lake George Boat Sticker Vendors

Mapping Tool 1



Use this map to help plan your next visit or permit project on Lake George. 


To see the authorized dock configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Docks and Moorings” tab
  2. Enter the address of the location you’re interested in the available text field
  3. Click on the subject parcel in the map to generate a text box of parcel specific info
  4. Choose the “More info” link from the text box to see the authorized dock configuration


Launch Database mapper


Map Questions? – [email protected] or call the office at 518-668-9347 and ask for Randy.