The Commission’s regulations define marinas to include traditional boatyards and launches, tour boat terminals, resorts and restaurants that rent slips, neighborhood marinas offering boat berthing only, as well as homeowners who let friends or relatives berth their boat for the season. Regulatory standards address a wide range of issues for the traditional full service marinas including;  expansion, quick launching, PWC rentals, fuel handling, boat cleaning, pumpouts and waste management.  Marinas must provide services to their customers including parking, access to rest rooms and garbage disposal. The most significant goals of the marina program are to ensure that there is a comprehensive environmental review and opportunity for public comment on any plan to build or expand a marina; to ensure that marinas operate with care for resources, especially as that relates to such factors as waste management, wastewater and stormwater management, fuel handling, and boat cleaning; and to reduce the potential impacts of intensive uses on nearby residential neighborhoods.

Class A Marina

Offering more than one berthing space on a dock or mooring and/or other marina services such as quick launch, boat storage, sale of marina products or services, water based instruction (scuba, waterski, etc), rental boats or PWCs.

Permit is required, commercial annual fees apply.

Class B Marina

Offering one berthing space on a dock or mooring to anyone other than the owner or immediate family living with the owner.

Registration is required, commercial annual fees apply.

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