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New Office Building Project

New Office Building Project

Project Summary

The Lake George Park Commission is a small NYS agency (9 staff) located in Lake George, NY. The agency currently works out of a 140 year old farmhouse on Fort George Road. This building no longer serves the needs of the Commission, and a new structure has been designed to replace the existing building on the same property. This new building has been designed as a ‘modular’ or factory manufactured structure, and the Commission seeks to secure the purchase and installation of this new structure, along with the associated site work, foundation, and finishing to complete the project. When the new building is completed and the staff is relocated into the new building, the existing building will be demolished, a new parking lot installed, and site work completed.


This project consists of two separate Invitations for Bids (IFB’s):

1. Contract A: Consists of all site excavation work, construction of a new foundation, sidewalks and parking lot, and demolition of the existing building. This is a prevailing wage contract.

2. Contract B: Consists of the procurement of a ‘modular’ (factory manufactured) building structure meeting the specifications in the IFB, delivery of the building to the site, set seam and finishing of the structure (including HVAC), installation/construction of stairs, three porches and one handicap walkway.


For more information, please click on the link to download the Invitations for Bids including project Specifications, or contact the LGPC Office at 518- 668-9347.

Project Bid Documents