Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations

Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations
Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations

One of the largest threats to Lake George’s pristine water quality is pollution from stormwater runoff.  When it rains, runoff flowing across the ground picks up sand, silt, metals, phosphorus, nitrogen and other nutrients that can degrade water quality and clarity when it reaches Lake George.  Generally, the more developed an area is, the more stormwater runoff is generated if it is not managed properly.  To help address this, the Commission has had stormwater management regulations in place since 1990 to help offset impacts from land development in the Lake George Park.  While these regulations have been seen as successful in helping to address these issues, stormwater runoff from developed properties continues to be a threat to the lake’s water quality.  The Commission has been working with our local municipalities and partners around the Lake George Park to discuss these issues and ultimately update the stormwater regulations in a reasonable way, with the intention of hindering the slow decline in the lake’s water quality. 

In the summer of 2018, the Commission is holding public information meetings to get feedback on the proposed regulations.  This will be followed in the fall of 2018 by a public comment period, then a formal public hearing on the final proposed regulatory language.

Please see below a summary of changes and a presentation about the issue and the proposal.

Proposed Stormwater Regulations
Presentation: Stormwater Regulations in the Lake George Basin

This presentation gives an overview of stormwater regulations in the Lake George basin.

Summary of Proposed Stormwater Regulations Changes

This document gives an overview of the proposed changes to the stormwater regulations in the Lake George basin.

Stormwater Regulation Public Information Meeting, Aug. 22nd 2018