These regulations will assist the public in their understanding of the rules and regulations of the Lake George Park Commission.
The purpose of these regulations is to implement ECL Article 43 and ECL Article 71, Title 33, to establish a comprehensive set of procedural and substantive regulations to implement the substantive authority granted to the Commission by such statutes. In furtherance thereof, it is hereby declared to be the purpose and intent to carry out to the fullest extent authorized by the legislature the authority granted to the Commission to preserve, protect and enhance the resources of the Park and the natural and scenic beauty of Lake George and its surrounding environs.
Regulations Index
Part 645: Procedural Regulations

645-1   General Provisions                                         

645-2   Definitions

645-3   State Environmental Quality Review

645-4   Uniform Enforcement Procedures

645-5   Permit Application Requirements

645-6   Permit Hearing Procedures

645-7   Regulatory Fees

645-8   Variance Procedures


Part 646: Program Regulations

646-1 Docks, Wharfs, Moorings  and Marinas

646-2 Special Navigation Rules

646-3 Wastewater Management

646-4 Stormwater Management

646-5 Stream Corridor Control

646-6 Tree Cutting Restrictions

646-7 Signs