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Lake George Septic System Review Committee

The Lake George Park Commission is a NYS agency charged with the long-term protection of Lake George, per Article 43 of the NYS Environmental Conservation Law.  Lake George is one of the most well protected waterbodies in the Northeast, with robust stormwater management, stream corridor and invasive species protections in place.  These initiatives have been successfully advanced and implemented with considerable cooperation from state agency, municipal and non-profit partners. 

It is incumbent upon the Park Commission to identify point and nonpoint source pollution entering Lake George, from all sources, including wastewater treatment systems.  Section 110 of Environmental Conservation Law Article 43 relates to the discharge of wastewater in the Lake George Park, specifically in relation to onsite wastewater treatment systems.  Working in consultation with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the NYS Department of Health and local municipalities, the Commission is now advancing a thorough review of the status of septic systems around Lake George to evaluate potential impacts to the lake’s water quality. 

If it is determined by the best available science and data that onsite wastewater systems pose a significant water quality impact to Lake George, the Commission will review and advance initiatives to address and mitigate this issue, working in partnership with state and local partners.  With Lake George experiencing its first ever Harmful Algae Bloom in November of 2020, it is incumbent on the Commission and partners to determine root causes of this event, and to implement measures to help prevent such events from occurring in the future.  Lake George is a unique and treasured natural resource with unparalleled water quality and clarity, and it will take all of us working together to protect it for future generations.



The mission of the LGPC Ad-Hoc Committee on septic systems is to:

  1. Better understand the overall population of septic systems around Lake George
  2. Based on literature and field data, determine if those systems pose negative impacts to the current or long-term water quality of the lake
  3. If demonstrated that septic systems are impacting public health or the water quality of the lake, identify programmatic and regulatory options to address the issue
  4. Develop consensus on a preferred option working with NYS DEC, NYS DOH and local municipalities
  5. Implement and/or facilitate the appropriate program to address septic system issues for the long-term health of the lake



  1. LGPC Committee members:
    1. Ken Parker, Chair
    2. Bill Mason
    3. Cathy LaBombard
    4. Dave Floyd
    5. Joe Stanek


  1. Advisory members to the Committee:
    1. Tom Snow, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Director of NYC Watershed Program
    2. Kevin Kenyon, Professional Engineer, NYS Department of Health Glens Falls Office
    3. Tom Jarrett, Professional Engineer, Jarrett Engineering
    4. Kathy Flacke Muncil, Proprietor of Fort William Henry Resort, business leader
    5. Susan Wilson, Deputy Supervisor, Town of Bolton
    6. Walt Lender, Executive Director, Lake George Association
    7. Chris Navitsky, Professional Engineer, Lake George Waterkeeper
    8. Dan Barusch, Director of Planning and Zoning, Town of Lake George
    9. Claudia Braymer, Warren County Supervisor from Glens Falls Ward 3
    10. Ethan Gaddy, Planner, Warren County Planning
    11. Samuel Hall, Chairman, Washington County Board of Supervisors
    12. John Graham, Code Enforcement Administrator, Washington County
    13. Tom Cunningham, Ticonderoga Town Board
    14. Hannah Neilly, Project Coordinator, Essex County Office of Community Resources