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Stream Corridor Protections Regulations

Stream Corridor Protections Regulations

Program Overview

Consistent with Section 43-0112(5) of Environmental Conservation Law, the Commission has established permit requirements and standards for the protection of stream corridors within the Lake George Park. The intent of the standards is to preserve the water quality of Lake George and its tributaries; to protect the riparian and aquatic ecosystems of streams within the Lake George Park, and to provide for the environmentally sound use of the Lake George Park’s land resources.

The stream corridor regulations establish 35’ stream corridors along permanent, DEC protected AA-Special streams that are tributary to Lake George for the purpose of protecting the water quality and environmental characteristics of those tributaries and the Lake.  In summary, the rule:

  1. Protects AA-special perennial streams designated or mapped by the DEC. See the Environmental Resource Mapper for currently mapped streams
  2. Establishes a permit program for any proposed development, land disturbance or land clearing within 35’ of a protected stream;
  3. Limits construction of impervious surfaces such as buildings and parking lots, and limits vegetation cutting and removal within 35’ of a protected stream;  
  4. Limits the modification of stream channels and provides design standards for culverts and crossings so as to avoid undue impacts and preserve the natural benefits of streams including their capacity to support trout and provide habitat for other species;

These stream corridor regulations have the specific benefit of conserving stream buffers and significantly reducing the future effects of un-buffered human land uses on the environment. A direct benefit of vegetative buffers is to reduce future reduction in water quality both in the streams and in Lake George which otherwise can be expected to occur as land is developed and re-developed.  Reduced water quality, sedimentation of the shoreline, the growth of water weeds and algae degrade not only the Lake’s environment but also its utility for recreation, navigation, and commerce.  Coupled with the Commission stormwater management regulations, the stream corridor regulations will serve to protect aquatic resources and preserve the unique water quality of the Lake George watershed. 

Stream Corridor Modification Permit Application

Stream Mapper Tools

Use the NYSDEC's Environmental Recourse Mapper tool to view rivers and streams in the Lake George Watershed.


Note: You must select "Waterbody Classifications for Rivers/Streams" from the layer options in the column on the left and zoom in to Lake George in order to display the stream data.


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Visit the Warren, Washington and Essex County real property mappers to find your property and select the "USA Topo Maps" basemap to view streams on your property. Select this basemap by using the basemap selection tool in the upper right corner of the map window

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Final Adopted Stream Corridor Regulations

Regulatory Documents


    Assessment of Public Comment - Proposed Stream Corridor Regulations

    This document is divided into two parts for clarity: 1. Written comments submitted by the public 2. The full transcript of the Stream Corridor Public Hearing on 1/12/2021

    The public comment period for the LGPC stream corridor management regulations was open from October 28, 2020 through January 18, 2021. This document includes all comments and questions submitted to date, responses to those questions, and the official transcript of the 1/12/2021 public hearing on the proposed stormwater regulations.